"Sassy Little Soul": Dedication

“Sassy Little Soul” is dedicated to and inspired by my beautiful baby girl, Aminah! This piece represents the importance of female role models in our society. Growing up as little girls, we all had a role model that we looked up to. Whether it was a mother, grandmother, aunt, sibling, teacher or public figure. These are the women that we adored and who made a positive impact in our lives. They inspired us to be ambitious and instilled the importance of setting standards for ourselves. 
As a mother myself, it is my job to not only love and nurture my daughter; but to also guide and teach her how to be a strong, independent, honest, successful, intelligent, loyal, persistent, confident, inspiring woman that absolutely ROCKS! Our morals, values, self-worth, tolerations and how we define success are testimonials to the examples set by our role models. So if you are a role model to a “sassy little soul”, just be mindful of your importance and know that you are making a huge impact in a little girls journey into womanhood. 
If you are interested in purchasing an art print of this piece, please visit https://www.kiiingcreations.com/collections/artworks/products/sassy-little-soul-art-print

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